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Amanda Gardier

Saxophonist  |  Composer |  Educator


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“Her third album as a leader, Auteur, is a fine, propulsive show." 

"Singing tone and confident melodic flow"

"The group conjures then navigates smooth time shifts, nuances of mood, turns of gritty power, fleeting passages of insistent repetition and a pervasive sense of self-understanding."

-Howard Mandel



"An artist with a distinctive voice and vision."

"Gardier improvises with a cool, crisp eloquence"

"[Auteur]  is a high point of her discography - she comes across as a seasoned leader, accomplished composer and masterful saxophonist."

-Hrayr Attarian



“Complex harmonies, tantalizing melodies, and smooth ballads enrobe Amanda Gardier's Flyover Country as she claims a space among rising saxophonists.”

-Michele L. Simms-Burton 


All About Jazz

“All the tunes here are Gardier originals. She writes a fine melody, and she and her band execute the music with finesse.”


"Shifts between serene reveries and pronouncements so bold they could fit . . . into an in-your-face heavy metal band."

-Chris Spector 


The New York City Jazz Record

"Warm, elegant sound and flowing improvisational skill"

-George Grella


Chicago Jazz

"On Auteur, the ambitious Amanda Gardier has proven her ability and artistic depth, and the eclectic display among her three releases shows she is up to any challenge in any modern jazz format.

 -Jeff Cebulski


New York Music Daily

"This could be one of the best jazz albums of the year."

"Alto saxophonist Amanda Gardier‘s album Flyover Country . . .  is a profoundly rewarding listen."



Midwest Record

“A sure fingered player, she's equally at home with flights of fancy as she is with composed stuff.”

-Dan McClenaghan 


Rochester City Newspaper

“A wild combination of hard bop and funk, you know this is not your standard jazz outing.”

-Ron Netsky



“It's easy to settle into the lustrous tones and elegant structures in her compositions.”

-Suzanne Lorge 


All About Jazz

Empathy is a debut with a lot of something for everyone. And that in and of itself is no small feat."

"With a clear sense of composition and where her own fluid voice, and those of her superb surrounding musicians, fall within the whole, Indiana-based alto saxophonist Amanda Gardier opens [with] her debut disc, Empathy."

-Mike Jurkovic 



Jazz Weekly

“Gardier's tone is rich, breathy and filled with feeling.”

-George W. Harris 



“A uniquely talented jazz composer and soloist."

"Empathy is packed with standout moments."

-Kyle Long 


The Musical Box

"An instrumental voice that was subtle, tasteful and a touch restless."

-Walter Tunis 


Pop Culture Classics

“Her Tunes are diverse and delectable.”

"Gardier's alto sax work...drives the sound, bringing [Empathy] its soulful, emotional center." 

-Paul Freeman 



“Gardier's phrasing is so well defined and clear that words almost emerge in your minds ear. That is what I think of when I hear "the voice" of an artists."


Midwest Record

"This is what happens when you turn someone loose to make art and the results work." 

-Chris Spector 


“Charmingly direct solos on alto and flute”

-Hobard Taylor


Indianapolis Star

“You won’t overlook [the] skills or the talents of alto saxophone player Amanda Gardier”

-David Lindquist 


Blog Critics

“Fine alto sax work from Gardier”  

-Jack Goodstein


Sea of Tranquility
“[Gardier’s] sax solo on “Hallelujah” is absolutely gorgeous."

– Jon Neudorf




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Saxophonist, composer, and educator Amanda Gardier has been described as “a uniquely talented jazz composer and soloist” (Nuvo). With a diverse set of influences stemming from Miguel Zenon, The Bad Plus, Bjork, and more, Gardier is an alto saxophonist who juxtaposes the calmness of lush harmonies and cyclical melodies with the intensity of complex rhythms and fiery improvisation. Her first release with Green Mind Records, Empathy, was “a debut with a lot of something for everyone” (All About Jazz). With her second release, Flyover Country, Gardier “claims a space among rising saxophonists” (Downbeat) through the display of bold compositions and flexible improvisation. In addition to her work as a bandleader, Amanda is a current member of the US Navy Band Commodores jazz ensemble, where she is regularly featured as a soloist and woodwind doubler.


As a side musician, Amanda has performed with Ingrid Jensen, Dave Stryker, Leni Stern, Wayne Wallace, Wes "Warmdaddy" Anderson, Jamie Baum, Sal Lozano, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. She has also been a featured performer on five releases by the Charlie Ballantine Group—Vonnegut (2020), Life is Brief: The Music of Bob Dylan (2018), Where is My Mind? (2017), Providence (2016), and Green (2015). 


As an educator, Amanda has served as the instructor of jazz saxophone at Ball State University, jazz saxophone faculty at the Indiana University Summer Saxophone Academy, band director and after-school jazz program director at Zionsville West Middle School, and teaching assistant at Birch Creek Music Performance Center. 


Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in music education and a master’s degree in jazz studies from Indiana University.


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Baltimore, MD, USA

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